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 Gall Bladder Stones (Colilithiasis)

General Introduction:
Introduction :- Why gall bladder stones are formed?

1. Repeated infection in Gall Bladder
2. Acidity, Gas Formations, Constipation, Improper bowl moments, improper diet habits, lazy life style.

           Due to above reasons bile is incompletely flushed from Gall Bladder into the intestine. Slowly this Bile in the Gall Bladder get concentrated and by the passage of time it gets converted into bile stones.

About Treatment :-
                             When stones are small and soft they are easily treatable with ayurvedic medicines. If u know u r suffering from Gall Bladder Stone do not waste time and start ayurvedic medicine immediately.
In early stages they are completely curable.
Patients who are suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension, old age and are not eligible for surgery and are having chronic Gall Stones can also take benefits from ayurvedic medicines.

           Patient who have Gall Stones in common bileduct (CBD) and are referred for Retrograde Surgery can also take benefit from ayurvedic medicines

Case History :-
                       Patient Name - SARFROZ AHMED, Age 34  male
                         Address Patiala 147004

USG Report :-
                     Gall Bladder :-  Measure 6.6 x 2.1cm. Two echogenic billary gravels adherent to anterior surface of Gall Bladder measuring 5 mm each.           

USG Report After 3 months of Treatment :-
                                                              Minimal Sludge in leumen.
No Wall Odema. No paracholic collection

( Now there is no stone in Gall Bladder both the stones are cleared in USG Report)

Case History :-
                       Patient Name - JASPAL SINGH Age 29 male
                       Address Banur Patiala

USG Report:-
                     Gall Bladder :- Multiple large echogenic speck suggestive of calculi ( Largest one measure in upto 23 mm) Seen in Lumen
Right Kidney :- normal in size, Shape and echo pattern. An echogenic speck suggestive of calculi measuring upto 4.8 mm is seen in middle pole calyx.

USG Report after 6 months of treatment :-
                                                                Gall Bladder :- Is distended and shows normal wall thickness. Few echogenic speck suggestive of calculus is seen in Lumen. Largest one is 7mm. Murphy's sigh is negative ( CBD) measure 6mm. (CBD) and portal vein are normal in calibre.

Right Kidney :- normal in size, Shape and echo pattern. No echogenic speck is seen.
In the above case multiple stones in Gall Bladder are reduce to a few and largest one is decreased from 23m to 7mm. Kidney stone is completely cleared. 


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